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Exedy Kit Frizione Hyper Series Carbon-D (350Z 06-09/370Z)


Exedy Clutch Set Hyper Series Carbon-D (350Z 06-09/370Z)


Em-power rivenditore autorizzato EXEDY per l'Italia.

EXEDY da oltre 30 anni vi assicura la miglior qualità per le vostre frizioni OEM o Racing. Qualsiasi sia il vostro utilizzo Exedy ha a catalogo il gruppo frizione e volano che farà al caso vostro.
Prodotti di altissima qualità e tecnologia, i kit comprendono tutto il necessario per l'installazione.

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Em-Power official EXEDY delaer for Italy.

Quality. Performance. Reliability. These are the hallmarks of an EXEDY clutch. And these are the values that we're proud to apply to every clutch in our three ranges - standard, sports and commercial. To be able to boast such hallmarks, EXEDY continue to innovate in the transmission market with a number of key technologies suited for all types of vehicle application.

To ensure market leading quality, EXEDY utilises its 3 core technologies, Friction, Vibration and Fluid Dynamics. The combination of these technologies has ensured EXEDY is renowned globally for manufacturing excellent products.

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Exedy Hyper Series Carbon-D Clutch Kit for Nissan 350Z/370Z
Carbon-D - Centre Dampened Multi Plate Clutch Kit
This clutch is recommended for vehicles with a torque increase greater than 40% over standard.
Introducing the next generation of clutch systems by EXEDY ... Carbon-D, the revolutionary clutch system. Carbon-D was developed to achieve the ultimate goal of comfort and street ability by absorbing noise and vibration emitted from drivetrain components such as the differential, transmission and engine. The Carbon-D system is designed to protect the drivetrain by absorbing and dissipating "shock torque" by utilizing EXEDY Patented Technology. Superior engineering enables the Carbon-D clutch system to posses an ideal clutch for engagement position, increased clamp loads and lower pedal effort, while the unique Carbon Fibre friction material allows comfortable half-engaged clutch operation and responsive gear changes.
The heaviest components of the clutch system are the clutch cover, intermediate plates and flywheel. Semi-Carbon clutches incorporate carbon discs, an improved cover configuration and lightened flywheel which also contributes to a reduction in vehicle rotating weight.
• Introduction of a damper to absorb and dissipate noise and vibration.
• High clamp load, lower pedal effort and ideal clutch engagement is obtained with the use of the re-engineered diaphragm spring.
• Quiet strap drive design to minimize mechanical noise.
• The D in Carbon-D denotes that the discs have a damper; the damper absorbs fluctuation in engine rotation and significantly reduces gear noise in the transmission and differential gears.
• Carbon clutches with a 1 at the end of the reference number denote that an SX coating has been applied to the friction surface, this reduces the warm up time and increases the friction coefficient and life of the clutch.
• Patent Pending Disc System.
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